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CUEB Art Troupes Present Art Show “Let’s Art”

Author:Translated by Zhang Juan,Proofread by Li Bing Editor:Wan Chenfang Publish:2018-06-19 Size:TTT

On the evening of June 6th, 2018 art show “Let’s Art” by CUEB student art troupes was staged at Zhuoyu Auditorium. Party Secretary Feng Pei watched the performance with more than 500 teachers, students and parents. The past year witnessed a number of honors that the CUEB student art troupes earned for the university in competitions at all levels, and Feng awarded the winning troupes before the performances.

The show was unveiled with the magnificent instrumental ensemble Phantom of the Opera by the orchestra. Dancing to the rhythm of jingling bells, the dance troupe displayed China’s magnificent landscape and the great Chinese culture with concerted and clever movements in the folk dance Walk in the Beautiful Landscape. The classic song With You by the chorus brought the audience’s imagination to the castle in the sky. With the melody of violins, piano and hand bells, the orchestra played a beautiful ensemble Por una Cabeza . The drama I am Xiong Dun by the drama troupe revealed the heroine’s optimism and strong will as well as the cherishing for good times.

The subsequent hip-hop dance by the dance troupe showed their vitality and confidence; the image song Big Fish of the movie Big Fish Begonia by the national music orchestra got the audience immersed in the smooth rhythm. And The Greatest Showman by the magic troupe brought down the house. The grand finale Yellow River by the dance troupe demonstrated the greatest national spirit of resilience and diligence with powerful yet soft movements.

The curtain fell with the beautiful rhythm of the university anthem Voyage.