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“Love Unfreezes ALS”Charity Run Held at CUEB

Author:Translated by Meng SH,Proofread by Li Bing Editor:Wan Chenfang Publish:2018-06-25 Size:TTT

On June 20th, a charity run named “Love Unfreezes ALS & Running Warms Hearts” was held in the stadium of CUEB. Teachers and students from the School of Accounting and College of Business Administration, alumni of the Class 8511, as well as philanthropic individuals from all walks of life, participated in the relay race in seven groups to show their care for the ALS patients. This is part of a national drive of 20 running groups across the country to support ALS patients. In the event, the 4th “Million Breath Project of the ALS” was launched, where four philanthropic enterprises donated ventilators and charity funds to the ALS patients.


In order to raise public awareness of ALS, ALS Patients Foundation of China Social Welfare Foundation (CSWEF) and Beijing Oriental Rain ALS Care (hereinafter referred to as ORACC) initiated this public event.

Zhao Xiling, Vice Chairperson and Secretary General of the Alumni Association, introduced in her speech that ORACC was established by nine alumni, namely Liu Jijun, Wang Jinhuan, etc. of Class 8511 and it was the first philanthropic organization for the ALS patients in China. Since its establishment in 2003, the organization has raised funds of about five million yuan and donated more than 170 ventilators through “Millions Breath Project of the ALS”, which aided thousands of ALS patients. Teachers and students of Class 8511, Party Committee and Alumni Association of the School of Accounting attended and supported the public welfare undertaking of ORACC in different ways.

Wang Fuhu, Director of China Social Welfare Foundation, United Way Center, called for more companies to shoulder social responsibilities and devote more energy to social welfare.

Guan Xianyue, Vice Executive Director of ORACC, extended his gratitude to the supporters from all walks of life. At the same time, he announced the start of the 4th “Million Breath Project of the ALS” with a total amount of 1.053 million yuan. This project will provide free cough machines to 10 ALS patients in Chinese mainland  and subsidies for purchasing ventilators to 40 ALS patients.

In order to thank alma mater for its nurturing and support, ORACC made a trophy called “CUEB–the Public Welfare Cradle of The ALS Patients” for CUEB. On behalf of the university, Zhao Xiling accepted the trophy.

The “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” which was popular around the world in 2014 reappeared in the event. Four volunteers experienced the “frozen” feeling of the body, showing people's continuous care for the ALS patients despite that the challenge was mostly forgotten. Afterwards, the running groups held high the banner of “Let the World Be Free of ALS” and completed a relay run of 6.21 kilometers. They finally passed the signature flag that symbolizes the relay of love to the rostrum.

Four philanthropic enterprises donated six ventilators, one cough machine and charity funds based on the “love miles” covered by participants across the country. The donations will be used for the “Million Breath Project of the ALS” to offer breath support to ALS patients across the country.