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CUEB Holds Class of 2018 Alumni Liaison Appointment Ceremony

Author:Translated by Wang Qi,Proofread by Li Bing Editor:Wan Chenfang Publish:2018-06-11 Size:TTT

On June 1st, Class of 2018 Alumni Liaison Appointment Ceremony was held at the academic hall in Boxue Building. 194 graduates of the Class of 2018 were appointed as alumni liaisons. Ding Lihong, Vice President of CUEB, attended and addressed the ceremony. Zhao Xiling, Vice President and Secretary General of Alumni Association, clarified the responsibility of alumni liaison. Also, Yang Yigang, a finance major of Class of 1987, made a keynote speech with the topic of “No Fight, No Youth”. The ceremony was presided over by Shao Lili, head of the Alumni General Affairs Management Department.

In the speech, Ding Lihong pointed out that alma mater was the brand of alumni, and alumni were the spokespeople of alma mater. For a university, the words and deeds of alumni represented the quality and level of this university. He hoped that the alumni liaisons could cherish the honor awarded by alma mater and played their role as a bridge enhancing communication between the alma mater and the alumni, the liaisons could be grateful to the alma mater and take initiative to keep alumni and CUEB in close contact, enabling the two sides to share the joy of growth together, the alumni could be determined and confident, and make no waste of their youth.

Zhao Xiling read out and clarified the responsibility of the alumni liaison. She pointed out that the alumni liaison was like “General Secretary” of the alumni association of both the class and the school. The liaison missions were significant with grave responsibilities. She hoped that everyone would cherish the platform given by the alma mater and fulfill their duties and missions.

Afterwards, Zhao Xiling, Yang Yigang, Deputy Party Secretaries and counselors of schools presented the letters of appointment to all alumni liaisons. The Alumni Association made special gifts for the liaisons -- alumni cards and alumni service manuals.

34 liaisons could not hold alumni cards because they continued their postgraduate study at CUEB. The Alumni Association presented a peach tree to them for adoption as a gift and showed the tree card on the spot.

Yang Yigang reviewed his experience of studying, working and starting a business in his speech. He messaged to the liaisons that they should be grateful to the alma mater, teachers, and classmates. Four-year friendships lasted a lifetime, and the affection for alma mater was eternal.