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College of Business Administration Holds 5th“Outstanding Business Talents” Award Ceremony

Author:Translated by Meng SH,Proofread by Li Bing Editor:Wan Chenfang Publish:2018-06-11 Size:TTT

On June 6th, the College of Business Administration held the 5th “Outstanding Business Talents” Award Ceremony and the Closing Ceremony of the 6th Academic Culture Season in No. 7 Meeting Room on the fifth floor of Bona Building. President Fu Zhifeng attended the ceremony and made a speech.

At the beginning of the award ceremony, College of Business Administration reviewed the work in 2017 and 2018 through a video and summarized the achievements of students' work in the past year as well as the development of the academic culture season.

After nearly one-year’s review and assessment, the School selected the winners of the individual award “Dean Medal” and the team award “Outstanding Business Talents” through individual and group voluntary application, unified defense and online voting.

Fu Zhifeng pointed out in his speech that universities should be people-oriented and take student nurturing as top priority. That’s the reason why universities are called “schools of great learning” in Chinese. He hoped that students could cherish time and their youth as the university provided a broad platform and a perfect education system for them. He also hoped that everyone could cherish all the opportunities for learning knowledge and improving abilities. Fu Zhifeng advised the students to participate in various activities such as academic competitions, cultural and sports activities, etc., so as to develop themselves in an all-round way and win higher honors for themselves, their families and their universities.

Afterwards, six winning students, namely Yang Huaqing, Liu Can, Zhang Jinghe, Guo Jianwei, Du Shijie and Li Shangmeng shared their views in sequence.

At last, Liu Xuexin made the closing remarks. He suggested that students should cultivate the ability to learn knowledge and the spirit of independent thinking. To be a person with dreams, knowledge, ability and beliefs in the fast-changing era, students should avoid herd behavior and be practical and forward-looking. Liu Xuexin hoped that students could bear the school motto of “obtaining knowledge by investigation of things, grasping essential spirit to practice” in mind and make themselves outstanding business professionals conducive to social progress.